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Together with the family, we have planned a trip to Gdańsk. We have visited the city many times, so this time we wanted to see less obvious attractions. In addition, we were with children who are not really passionate about stories about the history of monuments. We decided to go on a route in gamification mode, in which individual points were accompanied by perceptive tasks. The children got involved in the game and we could concentrate on admiring the monuments and listening to their stories. It was a great time together.

I've been a fan of guideU since I heard about the project. Previously, I was wondering how I can use my passion for less known places in Gdańsk. When I found out about guideU from my friends, I thought it was an opportunity to expand the database of people to whom they can tell about their interests. The fact that I can make money on it was of secondary importance, the money I earn I spend 100% on charity. On my social media I published a sneak peek of my route and there were many people willing to buy it.

I love Gdańsk, but I was always nervous when I saw what was shown to tourists in our city. Neptune, Long, Golden Gate - you want to puke. There are a lot of nice places in our city, apart from what you can see on postcards. GuideU gives me the opportunity to show Gdańsk from my perspective, for all those who expect something more than a waffle with whipped cream in the Old Town. What is important to me is that one passion drives another. I am a graffiti artist and the money I earn allows me to buy paints.

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If you are a person in love with your city and you want to tell others about it in an original way, you've come to the right place. As part of this website, you will find a friendly system to create your own route, and additionally you will be able to earn on it.

However, if you are a person who wants to explore new places, not necessarily according to the usual patterns, then we have prepared a unique application for your phone that will enable you to do so.

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Point-to-Point. Total freedom both on the part of the tourist and the guide. Independent places that can be visited in any order and at any pace. So as to get involved in the atmosphere of the city as much as possible without unnecessary pressure.

Storytell.The type of routes in which the guide, or rather a smartphone in his stead, leads the tourist by the hand in a specific area. The perfect route for those who like to be engrossed in stories where they, not by accident, tell interesting stories.

Gamification. It is a route in which visiting is enriched with an element of competition. The condition for getting to know new places is solving individual puzzles or completing tasks.

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