Jak działa guideU

How does guideU work?

guideU is a platform created to make exploring new places even more pleasant.

Our goal is to connect tourists from all over the world with local enthusiasts who, when talking about their places, will go beyond the schemes known from book guides.

So if you are someone who wants to get to know new places, but not necessarily listening to clich├ęd stories, passed on to tourists for several decades, you believe that sightseeing can be really cool, then download our application and turn your smartphone into the most interesting guide to the place where you are.

On the other hand, if you have interesting stories to tell about your neighborhood, you are annoyed by what tourists learn about your city from existing guides and would like to change it, add your route to our platform today. Thanks to this, you will not only turn into an ambassador of your area, but also earn money every time someone downloads your route.

You can find more information about us by downloading the guideU application from the Google Play and Appstore. We also invite you to visit our social media.